July 12, 2024

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Enhance Your Law Firm’s Online Presence with LinkedIn Company Pages | Legal Internet Solutions Inc.

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Social media has become a social norm. According to Statista there are over 5 billion social media users. In 2023 alone, users spent 151 minutes on average on social media on a daily basis, nearly 2.5 hours of time scrolling through news feeds. All of this to say that social media is important to people, and because of its importance, it presents an opportunity to connect with prospects where they spend their time. 

LinkedIn is the most popular social network for law firms. 

LinkedIn still remains the leading network for law firms. Of those who said their firm maintained a social media presence, 83% have a presence on LinkedIn, including 73% of solos, 75% of firms with 2-9 lawyers, 86% of firms with 10-49 lawyers, and 97% of firms with 100 or more lawyers. Facebook is the next most popular at 57%, and Twitter lags far behind at 33%. – ABA Tech Report 2023

How your firm optimizes and leverages its LinkedIn presence can go a long way in attracting prospective clients for your firm. But what is the best way to do that? LinkedIn is a two-pronged approach – both your personal and company pages contribute to success on the platform. 

LinkedIn Company Pages

LinkedIn company pages are profiles created by organizations or businesses on the LinkedIn platform. These pages serve as a way for companies to showcase their brand, products, services, and job opportunities to LinkedIn users. It is important that your law firm completely fill out the company page. According to the platform:

Pages with complete information get 30% more weekly views. (“LinkedIn Pages Best Practices | LinkedIn Marketing Solutions”)

Per LinkedIn, a completed profile consists of a logo, an overview, company information, and a call to action.

LinkedIn Company Page


Your firm’s logo is an important part of your brand. It’s what prospects recognize. When users are scrolling through LinkedIn, you want to make sure that your page stands out as one they recognize among the many status updates. For logos, LinkedIn recommends an image size of 400x400px, with a minimum size of 268x268px. If you need help with your logo, contact our graphic design team.


The platform defines your overview as your organization’s mission and purpose (LinkedIn members can search by keywords.) The overview section is your first opportunity to implement search engine optimization tactics on your company profile. Because users search LinkedIn using keywords, it’s important to select keywords that are relevant to your law firm. For example, if you are a personal injury firm, it is probably a good idea to include that keyword in the overview section. There are a number of free and premium tools available to research keywords like: 

If you need assistance with optimizing your LinkedIn profile or improving your law firm’s website SEO, please reach out to our team specializing in search engine optimization for law firms.

Company Information

The remaining section of your profile should contain the details about your law firm. This includes:

  • website
  • headquarters
  • office location(s)
  • industry
  • organization type
  • size

This information will help LinkedIn categorize your company page properly so that it is optimized for native LinkedIn search.

Call To Action

As you complete your law firm’s LinkedIn company page, a crucial element to consider is your call to action (CTA). This directive guides visitors to take the next step after discovering your page. Reflect on your primary objective: Do you want potential clients to contact your firm directly or would you prefer to direct them to your website for more information? 

Key Considerations for Your CTA

1. Define Your Objective:

  • Direct Contact: If immediate engagement is your goal, use CTAs such as “Call Us,” “Contact Us Now,” or “Speak with a Lawyer.”
  • Website Traffic: To drive traffic to your firm’s website, opt for CTAs like “Visit Our Website” or “Learn More.”

If you are not sure which approach will be most effective for your firm, experiment and optimize (see #3.)

2. Clarity and Brevity:

  • Ensure your CTA is clear and concise. The simpler and more direct the message, the more effective it will be.

3. Experimentation and Optimization:

  • Test various CTAs to see which performs best in achieving your desired outcome. Monitor and analyze engagement to refine your approach.

More Examples of Effective CTAs:

  • For generating leads: “Call Us Today,” “Get Legal Help Now,” “Schedule a Consultation.”
  • For increasing web traffic: “Explore Our Services,” “Read Our Latest Articles,” “Discover More About Us.”

By strategically crafting your LinkedIn CTA and aligning it with your firm’s goals, you can enhance user engagement and drive the desired actions. Regularly experiment with different CTAs to find what resonates most with your audience, ensuring your firm remains at the forefront of their minds.

How to Find Your Law Firms LinkedIn Page

  1. Log into LinkedIn
  2. At the top of your homepage, type your law firm name
  3. From the search results page, click companies
  4. Click the correct organization

How to Find Your Law Firms LinkedIn Page

How To Claim Your Law Firm’s LinkedIn Page

Once you have found your law firm’s unclaimed listing, you will see what other people are seeing when they search for you on LinkedIn – typically basic (and often inaccurate) information with no branding, messaging, or content to showcase your firm’s skills or successes. It is essential to claim and populate this page with accurate details, including your firm’s logo, description, areas of practice, and contact information.

Claiming your law firm’s LinkedIn page is not a difficult process and it ensures that you can control the information presented to potential clients, peers, and recruits. It allows you to post updates, share insights, and engage with a broader professional audience, thereby enhancing your firm’s visibility and reputation in the legal community.

Follow the simple process on LinkedIn to claim your law firm’s LinkedIn page. Note the following requirement per LinkedIn documentation:

You must have your current position with the associated organization listed in the Experience section of your profile to claim the Listing Page. In some cases, a confirmed email with the associated organization might also be required. (“Claim a LinkedIn Listing Page”)

By ensuring your law firm’s LinkedIn page is claimed and properly managed, you not only enhance your online presence but also foster a professional image that can attract new clients and top talent. Embrace this opportunity to lead in the digital space, showcasing your firm’s experience and thought leadership within the legal industry.


How to Claim Your Law Firm LinkedIn Page

LinkedIn calls these pages “Listings” and pulls the information from a variety of sources including publicly available information. 

Building Your Social Media Strategy

Claiming and optimizing your law firm’s LinkedIn company page is an important step in building a robust digital presence for your law firm. By managing your LinkedIn page effectively, aligning your CTAs with clear goals, and producing consistent, strategic content, you can significantly enhance your online visibility and drive engagement with your firm. Remember that this is an ongoing process – continual experimentation and optimization will keep your firm responsive to audience preferences, solidifying your reputation as a thought leader in the legal industry. 


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