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The Italian online gaming market is on the cusp of a significant transformation. With all existing licences set to expire by December 2024, a new regulatory regime and licensing tender process are poised to reshape the industry. This presents both challenges but more so, exciting opportunities for operators and suppliers.

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the 2nd Annual Online Casino Summit Italia

With just one week to go, the 2nd Annual Online Casino Summit Italia (OCSI) taking place from 7 – 8 May 2024, is your chance to gain a competitive edge in this evolving landscape. Join us for an in-depth panel discussion on analysing the long-term impact of Italy’s regulatory reform, featuring industry experts, including Giulio Coraggio, Partner at DLA Piper. This session will provide a comprehensive analysis of the new regime and equip you with the insights you need to strategically navigate this process.

A centrepiece of the 2nd Annual Online Casino Summit Italia will be a panel discussion featuring industry experts such as:

  • Giulio Coraggio, Partner, DLA Piper (Moderator)
  • Paolo Di Feo, CEO, Giochi24
  • Carmine Giordano, Country Manager,
  • Giuseppe Volpe, Managing Partner, Cuiprodest

Giulio Coraggio and other esteemed experts will provide a deep dive into the intricacies of the new Italian Online Gambling License Regime and Tender. This session is crucial for anyone looking to understand: The specifics of the application process and how to secure one of the limited licences. The financial implications, including the €7 million upfront fee and the annual GGR-based fee. How to ensure your operations comply with the stricter regulations focused on fair play, consumer protection, and money laundering prevention.

OCSI goes beyond just the licensing process. We’ll explore:

  • Market Growth Potential: Despite stricter regulations, Italy remains an attractive market with significant growth potential.
  • Uncertainties and Opportunities: The framework may undergo minor adjustments by the Italian parliament. We’ll explore the potential impact and opportunities for operators.
  • Data Privacy in Focus: Growing data privacy concerns will be a central topic. Learn how innovation can coexist with data protection.

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Giulio Coraggio, Partner at DLA Piper

The new regime introduces the possibility of arranging agreements between different jurisdictions and this might open the door to sharing liquidity, because you may remember that the poker liquidity sharing was the result of an agreement among different gambling regulators. All the others implemented it, Italy didn’t, but the new law might open the door to this opportunity.

Learn more from Giulio’s expert insights in his recent video discussing the New Italian Online Gambling Regime:

  • Gain a comprehensive understanding of the new regulations from leading experts.
  • Connect with key decision-makers and potential partners at targeted networking events who can shape your future success.
  • Stay ahead of the curve in this rapidly evolving market with actionable insights from strategic panel discussions and presentations.

Don’t miss this critical industry event. Secure your spot at OCSI 2024 and gain the strategic advantage and connections needed for your business to thrive in the Italian market.

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